Movies Returning to Old Village Twin?

Local film-goers may soon be able to once again step through the doors at Morwell’s old Village Twin Cinema, with current occupants Worldwide Gaming announcing plans to establish the aging venue as a multipurpose center. Housing events such as eSports, comedy festivals, corporate and government presentation and, art-house movies; the proposed revamp will hopefully give the site’s location of Buckley Street a much needed boost.

In an effort to encourage audience participation, popular titles like The Room, The Castle, The Rocky Horror Picture Show are looking to be screened by the owners, in addition to Australian features may not have the opportunity or resources to reach mainstream cinemas.

While not yet confirmed, it’s indeed an exciting prospect, especially for this eager film buff who made his first trip the modest picture theatre at age five to see Honey I Shrunk the Kids, followed by many more before its closure in 1996.

Kevin Bechaz

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