Short Film Review: The Confession of Fred Krueger (2015)

Usually around once a year, during no particular time, I go on what I simply refer to as an ‘Elm Street’ kick; submerging myself in the world of A Nightmare on Elm Street in some shape or form. Rather than revisiting the films for the umpteenth time, I’ve chose to explore fan culture, which is set to reach new heights with the exciting Fred Heads Documentary, due out later this year. Fan films are undeniably a huge part of this popular and enduring horror franchise, so I took a leap and watched the non-for-profit short The Confession of Fred Krueger from director, writer and producer Nathan Thomas Milliner. Taking place in 1973, police has just arrested a man believed to be notorious child murderer the Springwood Slasher.

Confined to one tiny interrogation room inside Springwood’s police station, our suspect by the name of Frederick Charles Krueger candidly confesses to his unspeakable crimes whilst detailing the horror of his wayward upbringing at the hands of an equally reprehensible individual, who without question shaped the eventual dream demon we know as Freddy. Despite moments of some cheesy and clunky dialogue, out antagonist’s candour is chilling and realistic of this type of personality, someone who thrives on attention. I found myself hooked from that moment on and while actor Kevin Roach strangely resembled Bill Hader more than cinema’s original Freddy, Robert England, his every-man appearance felt true to the character and I enjoyed his devilishly performance overall.

The Confession of Fred Krueger is an exceptional effort, evident of someone who loves not only the franchise, but the dark ambiguous mythology behind horror’s most iconic boogeyman. Coming in at thirty-minutes, get out that Mr. Coffee you have hidden under your bed and whatever you do, don’t-fall-asleep!

(2015, dir: Nathan Thomas Milliner)




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