Short Film Review: Don’t Fall Asleep (2016)

From The Sopranos to The Blair Witch Project, I rarely tire of reading fan theories and have subscribed to many over my years of web surfing. However, my own tend to follow a more logical and grounded rout, regardless of any fanciful elements. Don’t Fall Asleep, a fan-made short feature from ‘Fredheads’ Paige Troxell and Diandra Lazor takes a similar approach, bridging the gap between the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and third instalment Dream Warriors.

Following the events of Wes Craven’s original, Nancy Thompson is involuntarily committed to mental institution where she finds herself alone, spiritually neutered by trauma and medication. It isn’t long before the man of her dreams, Freddy Krueger returns to stake his claim on Nancy and her fellow patients. Above all else, you can’t deny the passion behind this project and the many others like it. More than ever fan culture is becoming a force capable of executing ideas that would have otherwise never pass conception. Diandra Lazor who faithfully portrays the beloved screen heroine Nancy, is not only a huge fan and admirer of the character, but a noted figure within the Elm Street community; an emissary of shorts along with director Paige Troxell.

Despite breaking the Eleventh Commandment of Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans, Don’t Fall Asleep rocks a poster that’s true in both style and flair. The film itself offers some well shot dream sequences with ample blur and distortion which heightens the lucid effect; qualifying this short for inclusion in your next A Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. While it fills in the blanks so to speak, it doesn’t take away from the mythology.

(2016, dir: Paige Troxell)




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