HORROR ICON CANDLES set the mood this October

Without going into the origin story of All Hallows’ Eve, the westernised celebration of what most of us call Halloween has taken firm hold in Australia despite being in an entirely different hemisphere. Hallozween.com.au has been on the forefront in providing everything from decorative ideas, horror movie suggestions, paranormal history and most recently, a range of six scented ‘Horror Icon Candles’ to help set the mood as we binge on horror cinema throughout October.

Chuckie, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Michel Myers and Pennywise all offer their terrifying likeness to these neat little tins that house hand-crafted and poured coco-soy candles. Aptly named, Good Guy Gone Bad, Summer Camp Slasher, Wide Awake, Texas Smokin’, Halloween in Haddonfield and Derry Dreaming, each candle offers an aroma fitting to the respective feature.

We all remember that scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street when a sleep-deprived Nancy Thompson is secretly downing coffee hidden under her nightstand, and Wide Awake not only nails the comforting scent but helps amplify those omnibus vibes from Wes Craven’s classic. Whereas the pumpkin spice of Halloween in Haddonfield makes every night feel like it’s October 31st, and it’s the candle I’ve easily enjoyed the most.

Derry Dreaming really hits you with a sweet smell of bubble gum or fairy floss, and either way, it’s befitting to the promise of carnival fun offered up by Pennywise before dragging another innocent child to their watery grave. If you’ve read Stephen King’s IT, you’ll know how descriptive the novel is when it comes to certain smells, like Georgie being unsettled by the stench of rotting vegetables whilst down in the basement searching for paraffin.

Summer Camp Slasher has a very fresh, outdoorsy scent, described as wood sage and sea salt; and while it suites the setting of being out in the night air like many of Friday the 13th Sequels, I think the product would benefit from the fir notes listed in its “middle base” is a bit more noticeable. The same can also be said for Texas Smokin’ which has a more rustic odour, described as dry tobacco and hay, but in all honesty, it smells like my mother’s perfume, which may be due to the candle’s “rose and iris” features. Should these ‘Horror Icon Candles’ be re-worked at any point, I think BBQ sauce would suffice for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Good Guy Gone Bad to review, but to quote Halozween’s website, it “…conjures up images of voodoo rituals and ancient magic”, which sounds very enticing. I wonder how hard it would be to capture the smell of an inner-city toy store, but would that be appealing to parents?

I’d like to thank Hallozween.com.au for sending me five of the six candles, which came carefully packaged, and each with a little flyer about the product with tips on how to care for your candle, which I do recommend reading, but if anything, keep those wicks trimmed!

Priced at $22.95 each, you can find the full range of candles, plus more by visiting Halozween.com.au